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Smart Door Locks with Unique Features

Smart Door Locks with Unique Features

The innovative technologies have reached the door locks field and have brought the smart door locks that can remotely open and close a door. While most units offer a limited pack of features, there are some that amaze with their functionality and convenience offered by unique features. The following two models are the best smart door locks that boast the most interesting features.

August Smart Door Lock

If you were to think about a high-tech smart door lock with excellent convenience features, the August would be the first to come to your mind. It manages to offer not only the safety of a door lock that can’t be broken but also the ease of use and functionality of the latest technologies. Besides the access key you will get, it also lets you offer keys to family members or guests that you can later delete so they won’t be able to use it again. Also,you can grant someone access inside the house for a limited amount of time like a few hours, days, or weeks.
Another feature worth mentioning is the Auto-Lock/Unlock that makes sure the door is closed behind you and opens it as you approach, a feature that you can always activate or deactivate. The device also keeps a track of the times when the door is opened or closed and since every member has a unique key, you will always know who came and left the house and when. The August door lock can be handled using a smartphone or tablet that work with iOS or Android but you can now also use your iPhone smartwatch to control the door lock. And the most innovative part is that it has a voice command feature that lets you use Siri to open and close your door.

Schlage Sense Smart Door Lock

This smart door lock offers you the option to get inside your house using a code or your smartphone so you can opt for the one that best serves you. If you choose the phone, all you will have to do is pass it in front of your door and it will automatically unlock. Thanks to the Bluetooth wireless technology, this device can tell between you and your neighbor so only the granted people will enter the house. The smart door lock can memorize 30 different access code so every family member or friend will get their own code that you can then erase.
When it comes to convenience, this gadget will surely meet your most demanding needs. It’s compatible with Apple HomeKit technologies that let you use Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to give the door lock commands. The best part is that this device can also let you control your home from away and you won’t have to connect it to a third party controller as it comes with the integrated technologies. The built-in alarm sensors tell you whenever an intruder attempts to get inside your house so you won’t need to worry about that.