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Advantages of Using Led Grow Lights on Your House Plants

Advantages of Using Led Grow Lights on Your House Plants

To make sure that your plants grow and flourish, you need to consider more the plants’ light source. The light source should provide them with light quality and brightness. Nowadays, a lot of people are using led grow lights which help their plants look better and grow faster. In order to inspire you, we have gathered some advantages of using led grow lights on your house plants.

Energy efficiency

By using led grow light on your house plants, you will use less energy than by using incandescent or CFL lights. Led lights use up to 10 watts for plant growth which is less energy than standard lighting systems. Moreover, led lights are perfect to be used in conjunction with solar and wind energy. On the other hand, led grow lights produce less heat that any other light. This way, they will reduce the use of an expensive and convoluted cooling system which is necessary to avoid damaging the plants.

Tangeted wavelengths

Most plant growers are using this type of light source because it offers more targeted wavelength choices. Furthermore, the leg grows lights have different light spectra which have an important role in particular plants at specific points in their development. As such, the blue light helps create strong stems and enriches overall plant strength, while the red lights stimulate vegetative flowering and growth.

Increased lifetime

Everybody knows that led lights last up longer than typical incandescent. Moreover, the led grow lights may be more expensive than other lights, but the cost is recouped over time because you will have some energy-cost savings. You should also know that by using led light for plant growth, your plants will sweat less and you won’t need to spray them too often. However, this type of leds emits small amounts of heat and does not require loud fans or coolers as normal solutions.

Flexible design

Usually, led illumination is also used in vertical systems designs between plants. Moreover, this fixture can be designed in a multitude of customizable options, but it depends on any number of factors, including desired photomorphological responses, energy savings desired and spacing considerations. However, besides its conventional voltages of 220V, the LEDs for plant growth can be powered at voltages of 12V / 24V. This significantly reduces the risk of fire or burns, especially in wet plant growth.